Don’t Underestimate the Woman Who Shoots.

“Written by Kay Miculek, Head Instructor for Babes with Bullets, many years ago.”

In many instances, she made the decision to seek knowledge in en effort to overcome a fear born of ignorance.  She has studied, and practiced, and applied this knowledge to an instrument threat she was once afraid to touch. A woman that shoots has learned that she is in complete control of a machine that in the wrong hands, can cause pain and suffering.  Yet in the right hands, her hands, it can offer protection and security.  A woman that shoots knows the satisfaction of setting, and then accomplishing goals.  If she is a competitor shooter, she learning to control her body and emotions.  She is learning to make split decisions when the stress levels are high.  She has experiences the exuberant high of a peak performance, and picked herself up to try again after a devastating defeat.  A woman that shoots is in control, determined, disciplined, confident, and not to be underestimated!
Kay Clark Miculek - Instructor Babes with Bullets

“I started shooting to have something to enjoy with my adult son.  We got our Conceal Carry permits together and then went gun shopping at our local shop.  This is where I met camp instructor Sheila Hoekstra, who told me about the “Babes” program coming up in Indiana. I was “in” from that moment on, the more I could learn the more comfortable I would become.  Then I got online to register t online and saw the camp price…YIKES…but thought with all it included I’d go for it.  Well let me tell you not, only was the Warsaw August 2016 camp absolutely more than I expected, it was worth every dime!

Meeting everyone and all staying together was not only a learning experience but a whole lot of fun too.  While on the range you have one on one learning and all questions are answered in a way that is easy to understand. I had the opportunity to watch women who were scared of guns alongside of women who had never shot a gun.  Both wanted to learn more and it was great to see the way they came out of their shells and give it all they had!

By the end of that long weekend, we were hot, tired, and hating to leave all the new friends.  And yes, all this time later I can still hear Sheila in one ear and Annette in my other ear whenever I pick up my guns. I can’t wait to go back in 2017!

And never knowing what life has in store for you, a few months later Deb (Camp Director) remembered a comment I’d made during camp, and now I am the Merchandise Manager for Babes with Bullets!

Shoot Away!”    … Kalli

“Dear Deb,
I can’t thank you and your BwB team enough for all your hard work. Each member of your team has my upmost respect and admiration. First camp (2013) was about me learning how to use a firearm effectively. My concern was personal protection. Second camp (May 2016) I spent more time with Lisa Munson in the intermediate group and my curiosity was piqued about competitions.

One month later I’ve signed up for my first match in October and having one of my Babes instructors, Sheila on my squad was a HUGE blessing. She calmed any fears that I had, made sure that I knew the rules and what to look out for. I learned so much from different members on my squad and now I have a homework list to work on. I’ve never been so excited about homework in my life!

Take care and see you next year!”  … Heather

“Babes with Bullets….fun, exciting, empowering! Seven years ago when I sat at my computer and enrolled in my first Babes with Bullets class it was one of the best decisions of my life.

My first class was in Tucson Arizona, I knew absolutely no one. This was a big step out of my comfort zone. At this class I met the most amazing women from all over the United States. Most of these women I stay in contact with. One of the girls that I met at my Tucson class has become one of my best friends. I was the maid of honor at her wedding, and was lucky to be there for the birth of her son.

Going into this class I had very little experience with handguns, and I had no desire to shoot competitively. After spending 3 days with world-class instructors, who were very patient and encouraging with new shooters, I knew I was hooked. My confidence level increased ten-fold. During the course of the class I was inspired to try my first match when I returned home. Since then I shoot at least 4 matches a month with my husband, Steve. It has been a great hobby to share with him and we’ve met some wonderful people along the way and made many friends.

A few years ago I noticed more and more women showing up at the local matches. They would always ask , “Where did you learn to shoot?” My standard answer is always, “Babes with Bullets.”

A few months ago I started thinking about hosting a class at our local range in Fresno California. It’s important to me for women to have the opportunity to experience the confidence boost this class provides not only in gun handling but in your personal life as well.

When I left my first class in Arizona I got into the car with my husband and cried. It was the first time in my life that I felt I was the one that was in charge of me! I felt so empowered. I have attended two Babes with Bullets classes and looking forward to hosting a camp in November 2017!!”    … Lawnna

“You shouldn’t let anything hold you back from learning about firearms. Babes with Bullets meets the needs of women at every level!”   … Melinda  – Tucson Camper 2004

“Words are inadequate to thank you for the terrific experience I had at the Tucson BwB (Babes with Bullets) camp. You are each so skilled in your art and so very, very patient. When I signed up, I expected to learn a better way to shoot, but the whole BwB experience lends itself to learning the skills and developing a greater self-confidence, with the support and encouragement of a close-knit group of like-minded women. What a rush!
I hope to see you next year at another BwB camp. I have my sights set on the Yale, Virginia camp and I also handed out a couple of your 2017 brochures at my shooting range. Thanks again! ”  … Anna

“My first “Babes” camp was 7 years ago in Tucson, AZ. My last camp was this year in Durango at the home range of Lanny Barnes. Even though I shoot on a competitive level now, I can’t help myself and I keep going to camp. I’m always learning something new like how to be faster while maintaining accuracy. The best part is meeting amazing women from across the country! In fact in 2017 I’m hosting a BwB camp at our local gun range outside of Missoula, MT. ”   … Donna

“I arrived at Tucson Babes with Bullets camp in November with an open mind. I had never handled or shot a gun before so I was a bit shaky and intimated but determined to face my fear. I learned more in 3 days about guns, gun safety, what type would work for me, than I ever thought I could! I graduated from a .22 caliber M&P to a 9mm M&P and was surprised I did it. My individual instructors and fellow campers blew me away with their encouragement! They will never know how they built my confidence and I feel much more empowered and no longer scared of guns.”  … Ginger

“As Daniel Boorstin stated, “Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.” This is why it is extremely important for experienced shooters and trainers to continue training, to continue learning, and to continue educating others.

No matter what shooting skill level you claim to be, Babes with Bullets will always educate you and never disappoint. The 2016 Durango, Colorado, camp was no exception. The world-class instructors (literally, world champions) were patient, kind, and extremely intuitive to each camper’s shooting needs.

The one-on-one time fine-tuning disciplines is second to none…and the networking time each night at the “camp house” is absolutely priceless. I have found my second family.”   … Sheila McKinney
BWB Multi-Time Alum, American Marksman National Finalist, TWAW Chapter Leader, IDPA Member, GSSF Member

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