All campers should arrive the afternoon/early evening before camp begins.  This allows for the mandatory safety briefing and equipment allocation.  We do not provide transportation to/from the camp. If you would like to explore the possibility of carpooling with other women an email list of registered campers will be provided.


•    Handgun programs include “camp style” housing.  Emphasis is on “go with the flow”, as 99% of our camps are in a private rental home environment, not a hotel environment.
•    If you elect to stay at your own local home, or decide on a nearby hotel at your own expense, we will reimburse $50 through a trade with ammo on-site at the program.
•    Camp pays for the first night of arrival, plus the second and third nights during the program.


This is “on your own” as the cost to produce a multi-gun camp is higher than a handgun camp and housing is not included. The multi-gun camps are held at the Miculek’s home range near Shreveport, LA. The housing we have been recommending is at the Springhill Suites by Marriott, contact Mark Walton: General Manager, 8010 E Texas Street, Bossier City, LA 71111. His direct line is 318.655.9340.


•    We provide Kydex holsters, belts, along with the S&W .9mm guns (M&P 4″) and magazine/magazine holders.
•    If you are bringing your own gun let us know what type and how many magazines you have; and their capacity.
•    If you have a stiff tactical belt, or a competition belt like what is made now by Uncle Mike’s or Safariland, bring that.
•    If you have another holster, like CR Speed or Ghost, that’s fine.
•    We do not recommend bringing a conceal carry holster at this camp.


•    We can provide handguns (Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm) and holsters, along with magazine/mag holders.
•    We can provide AR rifles (Smith & Wesson M&P models in both .22 caliber and .223 caliber).
•    We can provide .12 gauge shotguns (Mossberg JM 930 models).
•    We can provide tactical belts if you do not have your own.
•    We can provide shotgun shell caddies and AR magazines and magazine holders.
•    We can provide ear & eye protection.


•    Sunscreen
•    Closed toe shoes/boots – no sandals.
•    Dress in layers and we recommend no tank tops V neck shirts.
•    Shorts or long pants need to have regular belt loops that can take a 1.5″ tactical belt which holds your holster and gun.
•    If you have ear/eye protection bring it though “loaners” are available.
•    Bring a ball cap or visor.
•    If driving bring a camp chair or two.
•    Uplula (loading tool) are for sale at camp or on our website; or if you have one bring it.
•    If you are driving bring a gun bag or tote bag of some type. If flying we’ll give you a gun bag to use.


Minimum age is 16 and must attend with a guardian who is also participating in the camp.


To be placed on a wait list contact camp director, Deb Ferns, at . There are no refunds on camps within 60 days of the event so normally we can take folks from the wait list and get them into a camp with 60 to 90 days notice.


Campers must be able to stand without aids for several hours each day. Please note that the majority of the gun ranges do not have ADA ramps or ADA restrooms at the more remote bays that we utilize. Safety on the range prohibits portable oxygen tanks or any other external medical device to be used while on the line. If a camper is deemed “unfit” to safely finish the program with a loaded firearm we will allow them to audit the class utilizing a blue plastic training gun.

If a condition such as arthritis limits a camper’s ability to safely manipulate and control a center-fire handgun, this individual may choose to work solely with a .22 caliber handgun.  If instructors deem that a camper is chronically unsafe, this individual will be allowed to audit the class utilizing a blue plastic training gun.  If a student that has been deemed unsafe chooses to leave the camp early, no refund will be given.


A huge asset about the Babes with Bullets camps is that loaner equipment for both handgun and multi-gun are available at no additional charge. If you prefer to use your own equipment please contact camp director, Deb Ferns ( to make sure what you intend to bring works for the camp format. At many of the ranges where camp is hosted there are certain “retention” holsters that are not allowed due to safety problems. Prior to camp Deb will be contacting the campers to ascertain who needs to borrow equipment.


9mm ammo is available for purchase at each of the handgun camps.   You can also bring your own ammunition, however only factory or commercially re-manufactured ammunition may be used in the “loaner” guns.  You are free to use your personally reloaded ammunition in your own firearms.  The average cost for ammo at each camp is $150 to $200.


Campers are responsible to bring their ammunition and if unable to bring your ammunition contact Kay Miculek (, 318.834.1208.


Campers are “on their own” to reach camp, we do not operate a shuttle service. That said, especially at handgun camps, the campers do get in touch with each other via email blasts and work out carpool schedules.


Our camps are held at outdoor ranges, some have small indoor shooting areas for .22 caliber handguns, though most do not. We work with a variety of ranges across the country, some have flush toilets, others have portable restrooms. The majority of ranges we utilize do have shade ramadas or covered bench seating available. If the weather turns bad we “punt” with a variety of dry fire exercises that we can perform under cover. Over the last ten years we’ve been VERY fortunate to have few bad days at the range.


For all camps the only meal provided is lunch at the range. We are not equipped to handle specialty diet requests however the lunch buffet normally meets the requirements of 99% of the campers as we have a variety of fresh deli meats (not processed meats), a variety of cheeses, spinach, tortillas, chips, cookies and fresh fruit available.


We provide water at the camps. Any additional snacks or drinks that you want are “BYO.” Most of the ranges do not have a convenience store setup.


On your own and ONLY after all firearms are put away for the evening. Firearms and drinking DO NOT MIX! If you elect to enjoy a beer or a wine at lunch your day of shooting is over.


Each handgun camp is allotted one scholarship for 50% off the tuition. The scholarship is offered through the generosity of Hi Viz Shooting Systems. The scholarship recipient is still responsible for their own transportation, ammunition, breakfast and dinners. Please forward your request for a scholarship, indicating why you merit consideration, in writing to Camp Director, Deb Ferns, at email Please note that scholarships are awarded several months in advance of each camp.


Campers are expected to wear proper attire while on the range. How does one nicely say “Wear A Bra” and “short shorts” not recommended? Some camps may have our camera gal filming our activities at camp . Participation in a camp is not a guarantee that filming will occur or that you will be filmed. We reserve the right to determine who and what is filmed at any given camp. All our webisodes that are available for viewing at are G rated.

Beginner Handgun Sample Itinerary

First Evening

Between 5:00 and 6:00 pm we have campers check in at the main housing area so we can assign them a room and/or a roommate. At this time we also fit the women for their belts and holsters along with the grip size they will need for using one of our Smith & Wesson “loaner” guns. Since the campers need to grocery shop for their breakfast items we let them settle in and regroup at 7:00 pm for introductions in an informal setting. Usually we finish up with this part of the program by 8:30 pm.

First Day at Range

• Campers arrive the first morning by 8:00 and the safety briefing begins, led by the head instructor of the camp. That last until approximately 9:30 am.
• 9:30 am to 11:00 am – 8 gals per rotation to become familiar with the .22 caliber M&P handguns utilized in the camp. Typically that is two campers per instructor as we use 6′ long tables for the .22 caliber portion, holsters not utilized at this time. This is the time frame where we begin Stance/Grip/Sight Picture/Trigger control aspects so it takes a while. The fundamentals learned in this early part of camp are imperative!
• 11:00 am to 12:00 pm – Groups are divided between intermediate, advanced beginner and novice.
• 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm – Lunch is served at the range; while we do not work with specialty diets (please bring your own food in that case) we do have nice quality deli meats, variety of cheese, wraps, salad toppings, chips, fruit and dessert.
• 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm – Another division of novices from those who are ready to move on to holsters and those who need to stay behind for more Handgun 101.
• 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm – All the campers are now moving on to 9mm handguns from the holster. Those campers who are already into their own firearms and/or more experienced are not part of this group as they will have moved on earlier in the morning.
• 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm – Clean up the range and call it a day; dinner is on their own.
• 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm – We organize schedules for the next day, Deb makes any daily announcements at the lodge.

Second Day at the Range

• Campers arrive by 8:00 am for “group photo” so by 8:30 am they are already in their groups as designated on first day.
• Lunch is served 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.
• By the second afternoon all the groups are working from the holster, shooting on the move, though constant vigilance on grips, stance, sight picture and TRIGGER CONTROL continues.
• Range clean-up is started by 4:30 pm, if any of the firearms need to be cleaned this is where it happens. Dinner is on their own.
• 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm – General Q&A on what is going to happen at the “mini match” held the next morning.

Third Day at the Range

• 8:00 am – Campers arrive and come to main bay to be divided into squads for the mini-match for three to four stages. Mini-match usually starts at 9:00 am and normally takes 3 hours. At the end of the match “loaner” equipment is turned back into instructors.
• **This is the ONLY day where family members, spectators, are allowed to come and applaud for awesome improvement they see on their gal! Spectators are encouraged to clap and cheer, not need to coach as our campers are being trained by the best in the world!
• 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm – leftovers for lunch, campers depart afterwards.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

• Refunds are given based on written request, less a 5% cancellation fee, for camp cancellations received 60 or more days in advance of the camp. Contact Camp Director, Deb Ferns, at to arrange a refund.
• If a camp cancellation is received in writing between 30 to 59 days in advance of the camp start date, a camper has the choice of moving the full camp fee to a future camp within the next calendar year OR there is a $200 penalty assessed to the refund given.
• Campers who cancel their event with 15 to 29 days written notice may move 50% of their current camp fee to a future camp within the next calendar year. No refunds are given.
• If a camp cancellation occurs less than 15 days prior to the start of camp, there is no refund and your camp fees will not be applied to a future camp.
• PLEASE NOTE that once a camp is transferred to a future date within the next calendar year, that is a “one time” transfer and cannot be transferred again. If special circumstances arise, for instance the death of an immediate family member, please contact Deb Ferns, at

We reserve the right to refuse camp participation to any person or company.

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