3-Gun Camp is offered by Babes with Bullets twice a year for experienced handgun students who want to continue training in rifle, shotgun and handgun. Babes alum are eligible to invite another camper i.e. a gal pal, a husband, guy friend, brother, etc. provided the “friend” is over 18. The friend must have prior experience working with a handgun from a holster, shooting on the move and shooting at moving targets. The fee is $750 per camper and housing is “on your own.”


Multi-gun camp is right for you and/or your friend if you are an intermediate student coming through the Babes handgun camp. You are currently law enforcement or active military and train with firearms on a monthly basis. If you are currently an active USPSA or IDPA competitor and are ready to move forward with rifles and shotguns.

3-Gun Camps