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The Babes with Bullets™ camps started in 2004 at the Louisiana home range of head instructor, Kay Clark Miculek, who is a several time World Champion in handgun competitions along with a 14 time National Champion in multi-gun events with handgun, rifle and shotgun.
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Sheila Brey

First woman to achieve the coveted classification of "Master" within the United States Practical Shooting Association. Sheila is a many time national area champion and has competed in several world and international handgun matches as well. Sheila also enjoys shooting Sporting Clays in competition. She is married (Mike) and resides near Syracuse, NY.


Annette Aysen

Annette has multiple Revolver National Championships and is a member of the Smith & Wesson "Pro Team". She also won the prestigious American Handgunner national steel match in limited division against both male and female competitors. Annette is married (Elliott) and resides in Thibodaux, LA.


Maggie Reese

Maggie is a two time United States Practical Shooting Association National 3-Gun Champion (rifle, shotgun, pistol.) She was also a competitor on Top Shot (Season 2) and was on the Silver Medal team at the 2011 World Handgun Championships in Greece. Maggie resides in Chino, CA.


Sheila Hoekstra

Sheila shoots a variety of handguns (revolvers and semi-automatics) in United States Practical Shooting Association competitions and recently started competing in multi-gun matches as well. Sheila started out as a Babes with Bullets camper many years ago and has won several regional and state awards as "high lady" in action shooting sports. Sheila works for the Southwicks Guns, Ammo and Gear near Kalamazoo, MI, where she lives with her husband (Todd).


Lena Miculek

Lena began her competition shooting career participating at the Sportsman's Team Challenge where she was a member of the winning National team in three separate divisions. In 2010, Lena became a member of the Women of USPSA's Triple Threat Club by placing top lady in the Revolver Division in three Area Championships in one year. Lena is the current women's IPSC World Shotgun Champion and the 2013 3-Gun Nation Lady's Champion.  Lena likes in Shreveport, LA with husband Brock.


Deb Keehart

A long time handgun competitor in the United States Practical Shooting Association Deb has several "High Lady" area championships to her credit. She has also been on several winning teams representing the US at World Handgun competitions held across the world. She is a full time real estate agent for Coldwell Banker and resides in Mesa, AZ.


Cindy Noyes

Cindy was one of the participants at the original 2004 camp and works for Glock Shooting Sports Foundation. Also a long time handgun competitor in the United States Practical Shooting Association, Cindy has several High Lady area championships to her credit in handgun and is a multi-gun competitor. Cindy is married (Bill) and resides near Atlanta, GA.

We reserve the right to refuse camp registration to any person or company.