• Babes with Bullets™ is a series of camps held across the US for...

    • Women who have little (or zero) handgun experience
    • Women who have a moderate amount of handgun experience and would like additional training
    • Women who want to be taught by other women. Our camps are operated by an all-female staff of national and world shooting sports champions.
    • Women who have taken a handgun camp and now want to try a multi-gun program offering training in rifle, shotgun and handgun.

Our Camps

The Babes with Bullets™ camps started in 2004 at the Louisiana home range of head instructor, Kay Clark Miculek, who is a several time World Champion in handgun competitions along with a 14 time National Champion in multi-gun events with handgun, rifle and shotgun.
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We reserve the right to refuse camp registration to any person or company.