Handgun Camp | Nov 2-4, 2019 | Fresno Rifle & Pistol Club | Fresno, CA

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Handgun Camp | Nov 2-4, 2019 | Fresno Rifle & Pistol Club | Fresno, CA

Whether you are an experienced shooter or a newbie to the firearms scene, the Babes with Bullets Handgun Camp is the perfect place for you to develop and improve your marksmanship skills. Taught by an all-female team of national and world shooting sports champions, our three-day handgun camps are designed to teach women to safely and confidently handle and operate a handgun. This handgun camp will be held at the Fresno Rifle & Pistol Club, Fresno, CA.

Please note, this camp is a Saturday through Monday Camp, with a gathering on November 1 (to avoid conflict with Halloween).

What campers will learn:
• Basics of safe gun handling
• Proper grip techniques
• Proper shooting stance
• Sight picture and alignment
• Trigger control and follow-through
• Gun range etiquette

Who should attend:
• Women who have little or no handgun experience
• Women who have some handgun experience and would like additional training
• Women who want to be taught by other women

Camp fees cover instructors, range fees, lunches at the range, complementary loan guns, and other equipment.

Fresno Rifle and Pistol Club is located in Clovis, CA, 15 minutes from Fresno at the base of the Sierra foothills. It’s been in operation since 1929 and hosts five different shooting clubs. Our local hostess, Lawnna Porter and her husband Steve are active members of the action shooting sports community in California and have been very involved in bringing Babes with Bullets to this area! Housing will be about a 50 minute drive away in the scenic Shaver Lake area.


The minimum age to attend a Babes with Bullets gun camp is 16 years old. Minors can only participate if they also have a guardian participating in the camp.

Campers must be able to stand without aids for several hours each day. Please note that the majority of the gun ranges we utilize do not have ADA ramps or ADA restrooms at the more remote bays. Safety on the range prohibits portable oxygen tanks or any other external medical device to be used while on the line. If we deem a camper “unfit” to safely finish the program with a loaded firearm, we will allow them to audit the class utilizing a blue plastic training gun. If a camper finds that a condition such as arthritis limits the camper’s ability to safely manipulate and control a center-fire handgun, the camper may choose to work solely with a .22 caliber handgun. If instructors deem that a camper is chronically unsafe, they may allow the camper to audit the class utilizing a blue plastic training gun. No refund will be given if a camper that has been deemed unsafe chooses to leave the camp early or is requested to leave camp early due to safety issues.

All campers should arrive the afternoon or early evening prior to the start of camp (typical check in times are 4 pm to 7 pm) to participate in a mandatory safety briefing and, if needed, to be allocated loaner equipment.

Babes with Bullets does not provide transportation to/from camps. If you are interested carpooling to a camp, contact Camp Director Deb Ferns (Deb@BabeswithBullets.com). Whenever possible, she will connect you via email with other campers that may also be interested in carpooling.

• Handgun programs include “camp style” housing, typically in a private rental home – not a hotel – where bathrooms and rooms are shared. Housing arrangements are informal and campers should expect to “go with the flow”.
• If you elect to stay at your own home or at a nearby hotel at your own expense, Babes with Bullets will reimburse you $50 off your registration or a trade for ammunition on-site at the camp.
• Your camp registration includes your first night of arrival, plus the second and third nights of the handgun camp.

With the exception of the Babes with Bullets Diamond camp, housing for a multi-gun camp is not included your registration. Whenever possible, information on nearby hotels will be provided.

One of the key benefits of attending a Babes with Bullets camp is that the Smith & Wesson loaner equipment for both the handgun and multi-gun camp (which includes Mossberg JM shotguns) is available, at no additional charge. If you prefer to use your own equipment, please contact Camp Director Deb Ferns (Deb@BabeswithBullets.com) to ensure your equipment will work with the camp format. At many of the ranges where camps are hosted, certain “retention” holsters are not allowed due to safety concerns. Prior to camp, Deb will contact campers to ascertain who needs to borrow equipment.


• We provide loaner Smith & Wesson M&P .22 and 9mm pistols, magazines/magazine holders, Kydex holsters, and tactical belts for campers to use while at camp. Holsters are NOT provided for any other guns besides camp guns.
• We provide loaner eye and ear protection for campers to use while at camp, if they do not have their own.

• Campers may bring their own guns, but should let us know what type, as well as how many magazines you will bring and their capacity.
• Campers may bring their own stiff tactical belt or a competition belt like the one noted on Amazon in this link.
• Campers may bring their own holster (e.g., CR Speed, Ghost) for use while at camp.
• We do not recommend bringing a conceal carry holster to this camp.

• Campers must wear closed-toe shoes/boots – no sandals.
• Long shorts or pants may be worn, but they must have belt loops that can accommodate a 1.5” tactical belt to hold a holster and gun.

• It can be cold on the ranges in the morning – campers should dress in layers. To protect against injury from flying hot brass, we advise against tank tops or V-neck shirts.
• Ball cap or visor
• Sunscreen
• Tote bag for carrying gear, water, etc.
• Uplula speed loader (if you have one)
• Camp chairs (if you are local)

Campers attending handgun camps can purchase 9mm ammunition on site at most camps. About a month prior to camp a detailed list will be sent to campers noting if ammo is available and the cost. Campers can also bring their own ammunition. However, only factory new or commercially re-manufactured ammunition may be used in the Babes with Bullets loaner guns. You are free to use your personally reloaded ammunition in your own firearms. The average cost for ammunition at each camp is $120, for approximately 550 rounds of 9mm ammo.

Babes with Bullets works with a variety of ranges across the country. Our camps are held at outdoor ranges. Though some of the ranges have small indoor shooting areas for .22 caliber handguns, most do not. Some have flush toilets; others have portable restrooms. The majority of ranges we utilize have shade ramadas or covered benches. If the weather turns bad, we “punt” with a variety of dry fire exercises that we can perform under cover. Campers should expect to “go with the flow” during inclement weather.

The only meal provided at the handgun and multi-gun camp is lunch at the range. We do not provide snacks. We are not equipped to handle special diet requests. However, the lunch buffet normally meets the requirements of 99% of the campers as we have a variety of fresh deli meats (not processed), cheeses, spinach, tortillas, chips, cookies and seasonal fresh fruit.

Water is provided at the camps. If you would prefer a different beverage (e.g. juice, sodas, coffee), you will need to bring your own. Most of the ranges we use utilize do not sell food or beverages.

You are welcome to bring alcohol to consume in the evenings, but only AFTER all the guns have been locked away for the night. Firearms and drinking DO NOT MIX! If you elect to enjoy a beer or glass of wine at lunch, your day of shooting is over.

Each handgun camp is allotted one scholarship for 50% off the camp registration. The scholarship applies only to camp fees. The recipient is still responsible for their transportation, ammunition, and meals (breakfast and dinner). If you are interested in a scholarship, please email Camp Director Deb Ferns (Deb@BabeswithBullets.com) with an explanation of why you merit consideration. Please note that scholarships are awarded several months in advance of each camp.

To be placed on a wait list contact Camp Director Deb Ferns (Deb@BabeswithBullets.com). Typically, campers can be taken from the wait list with 60 to 90 days notice.