Another kind of LACE!

Another kind of LACE!

Posted by Deb Ferns on Jan 4th 2018

In 2004, when Deb Ferns and Kay Miculek started “Babes with Bullets…Women’s Action Shooting Camps”, there was literally no other shooting academy in the world that existed to cater specifically to women, where the instructors were all female national and world champions. With the help of Smith & Wesson (who has been the Foundation Sponsor since 2004) all the loaner equipment is also supplied for the gals to be able to “try before they buy.” Now entering its 14th year, Babes with Bullets co-founder/camp director, Deb Ferns, has created another women’s program called LACE; Ladies Adventure Camp Experience. As Deb noted “I didn’t start hunting until my mid-50’s and for years have wanted to see more women mentoring other women in both hunting and fishing adventures. LACE is one of my long time dreams coming to life!”

Through LACE ( women will have the opportunity to fish and hunt with Deb and her crew; who are all either Babes with Bullets instructors or Babes alum who are experts in the hunting and/or fishing arenas. The LACE program will kick off with a mid-March fishing program on the White River in Arkansas. The program incorporates established vendors, like David Capps of Fisherman’s Lodge who has been doing this for over 30 years and Deb has already been fishing with him. Check it out at

Later this spring, there will be a turkey hunt in Colorado, followed by a hog hunt this coming fall, and even an elk hunt in this winter! In each LACE program, similar to the Babes with Bullets format, the campers get to try loaner equipment before they buy anything. So whether it’s fishing reels, shotguns or rifles campers have the chance to “try before they buy.” Each LACE event also includes lodging and food along with expert guides and women mentors. In other words you show up for the LACE program with the recommended clothing list that will be provided and be ready to have a good time!

LACE is an excellent way for the novice or experienced outdoor woman to join in the unique experience of being on an adventure with other women. Check it out and if you have questions reach out to Deb by email at